About Newbridge

Newbridge Homeowners Association

A nonprofit corporation managed by an elected Board of Directors. Its sole purpose is to maintain all common areas and elements within the community (such as playgrounds, pools, walking trails, private roads, etc.) and to govern the community in accordance with its legal documents: Articles of Incorporation, Declaration, and Bylaws

Newbridge Board of Directors

Elected by the homeowners of each community for a term specified by the governing documents. The limitations and restrictions of the powers of a Board of Directors is generally outlined in the governing documents as well.

Governing Docs can be found here

Rosewood Management (HOA Management Company)

Rosewood Management Company is contracted by the Board of Directors to provide for the business operations of the HOA. Rosewood is responsible for dues collections, administration, supervision of contractors, and CC&R enforcement. Rosewood also serves as a homeowner resource for problem solving and communications about community issues. Rosewood reports to the Board of Directors, and while they may advise the Board the Board still makes all decisions regarding HOA business by majority vote.

Contact Info: Candee Percherke - cpercherke@rosewoodmcs.com

Reston Association:

Newbridge Cluster is part of the Reston Association. The Reston Association sets and enforces the standards for architecture and design within the cluster. They are also responsible for maintaining Newbridge Tennis Courts and Pool. More information about Reston Association can be found on their website here: https://www.reston.org/

Rescue Reston:

Rescue Reston is a community group dedicated to preserving Reston's open space including both Hidden Creek and Reston National Golf Course (which surrounds our cluster). You can learn more about their mission and opportunities to get involved here

Current Board of Directors

Stephen Haley


Jamie Stacy
At Large


Dave LaBranche
At Large


Pam Kendrick
At Large


Jon Gillam


Mike Speidel
At Large


Irina Roz


Cluster Information for Residents:


Current Assessments are $390 quarterly and must be paid to Rosewood Management. Late Fees will be accrued for

assessment payments not received on time.

Board Meetings:

Meeting Minutes from Annual Meeting - 6/24/21

Meeting Minutes from Board Meeting - 7/22/21

Next Board Meeting: Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 7pm (location: Newbridge playground)

Trash and Recycling:

Current Pickup Schedule: Tuesday and Fridays (Recycling on Wednesdays)

Please place your trash and recycling in a container with a lid


We have ample parking in the community when our spots are used responsibly

Please use your RESERVED parking space for your vehicle – do not leave it open for guest parking.

Do not park your second car in an UNRESERVED space if you do not use it regularly (daily or every few days).If your family or household has more than 2 vehicles, park 2 inside the community and any remainder vehicles outside of the community.

Do not park your vehicle in an UNRESERVED space and leave it for more than 5 consecutive days, or they will be issued a Notice of Intent to Tow (yellow postcard), and 5 days after that, Rosewood will dispatch the tow company to remove the vehicle and the owner will be responsible for the charges levied by the tow company (see below for more info on towing).

Do not allow your guests to use UNRESERVED spaces while carpooling, traveling, etc.

Do not park inoperable vehicles in the community, in any space.

Recreational/Commercial Vehicles are not permitted to park within the cluster.

Towing Information

Towing is authorized in Newbridge Cluster

A reminder to everyone that parking commercial vehicles in the community is not allowed and subject to being towed at the owner’s expense!

Henry’s Towing and Wrecker Service

(703) 631-3000

Any vehicle that is in violation of any of the following will be towed:

Out-of-state license plates (after 30 days)

Expired license plates or inspection sticker

Parked in a reserved parking space (owner may call for towing).

Parked in a visitor spot for more than 5 days without moving.

Commercial vehicles–trucks, vans.

Inoperable vehicles parked in a visitor spot.

Residents are entitled to call the tow company to have illegally parked vehicles removed from their spaces

Architecture and Design Standards

Reston Association Cluster Design Guidelines can be found here

Benjamin Moore has a record of the approved colors – both old and new.

You cannot use the same colors as the house on either side of you.

Link to Application:

Mutual Aid

Need Some Help? Please visit Mutual Aid Form to request assistance from a neighbor

Community Rules and Reminders

Landscape Expectations

If you have flowers or shrubs in your landscaping beds, you must keep them under control and free of weeds. Shrubs and trees should not be allowed to overgrow the space they are in where they cover up windows, grow over the sidewalk, etc.

Weeds must be pulled frequently to maintain a neat and orderly landscaping bed.

Please do not allow anything on your property that holds water – flower pots, bird bath, children’s pool, etc. as these will attract mosquitoes

Our HOA Landscape Company is offering Homeowner Services to HOA Residents - Please find more information here


Leash Law Reminder

Pet Waste:

Please pick up after your pet and report to Rosewood if you notice other community members are not doing so.